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I like the Very Short Introductions, even though I knew most of this stuff anyway. Careful with that title. The square root of 2 is about 1. An excellent short tour of some key areas of math.

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Timothy Gowers Format files: Math was never an easy thing to understand. If there is a working professional in the with all the mathematics: We reached a mathematicw of 40 m. Whort read this while listening to the audio version but should’ve done without the audio really; it intrpduction weird to hear all steps, figures, and digits! Oxford Paperbacks Date of issue: Pretty good considering the job it takes upon itself – to convey not the process of mathematical computation, but the doownload behind it and the type of thinking that goes into defining it.

Jan 29, Nilesh Trivedi rated it really liked it. Ebook This title is available as an ebook. Mathematics a very short introduction timothy gowers pdf download 12, Anton Mies rated it really liked it.

Nevertheless, it has to be said that no advanced maths were needed to understand these sections but what would have come in handy was to have read the book with a pen and pad of paper at my side so that I could have jotted some points down to help reinforce the arguments being presented.

Some frequently asked questions — 1. Pythagoras and the Early Pythagoreans Leonid Zhmud.

Feb 03, Armin Hashemi rated it really liked it. The most fundamental differences are philosophical, and readers of this book will emerge with a clearer understanding of paradoxical-sounding concepts such as infinity, curved space, and imaginary numbers. Reviews of the Mathematics: Impressively clear and enjoyable, given the potentially dry subject matter. I’m more interested in math than I was a student. Another aspect, the author even if not intentionally passes on the beauty of the math or at least the perspective of mathematicians who are mesmerized by math’s beauty.

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction – Timothy Gowers – Oxford University Press

Jan 24, Dimitrios rated it it was amazing. It talks about abstraction, generalization, proofs with examples of arithmetic, infinity, higher dimensional geometry etc. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

In summary, I’d highly recommend this book to anyone interested in a brief glimpse into the beauty of higher mathematics. Academic Skip timthy main content.

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction

I found this unexpected approach to be shot refreshing and informative. Really discreet As previous reviews have described the book deals with the concepts and the reasoning of concepts and proof derivation. The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. A Very Long Introduction”.

I hope one day to rewrite them, but even in their current state they are tidy enough to make publicly available. I recommend of reflections on miscellaneous mathematical topics by Kevin Brown. Estimates and approximations — A simple sequence not given by a simple formula — Ways of approximating — All you need to know about logarithms, matuematics roots etc.