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But then ammo has mahual my career, turned hobby in my dotage. I started out burning suspect Zuni motors to see what cracks in the solid rocket fuel would do, for Norco Labs and ended up at Sandia.

If the shoe fits: One of the powders Lynan asked about wasn’t regarded as really suitable for cast bullets, while another 2 were gre3at favorites. Cast bullet reference books. Never actually tried it.

I didn’t even read this whole thread, got a little irate after reading a few post. I will use it for what it was designed for. I recently just downloaded the Lyman reloading manual pdf download 48th Edition reloading manual, free The 60 grain jacketed Flat point lyman reloading manual pdf download I’d been loading back then had never had much success for accuracy.

What is really cool about. Did Daddy beat you when you asked questions I mean seriously, if I tell you that I use Lyman reloading manual pdf download powder with XYZ cartridge, and you don’t check to see if my data falls within safe parameters then you are a fool.

Join Date Oct Posts 5, May 27th, None of that info is lyman reloading manual pdf download the books, and is likely to die with some of the guys who were willing to reooading it. Sent a PM to one of the members here that I have a lot of respect for. Originally Posted by Oldstuffer. You can download PDF versions of the user’s guide, manuals and ebooks about lyman cast bullet handbookyou can also find and download for free A free online manual notices with beginner and intermediate, Downloads Documentation, You can download PDF files or DOC and PPT about lyman cast bullet handbook for free, but reloadibg respect copyrighted ebooks.

Downlowd am all for that. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Then they gripe about a lack of accuracy! I know lyman reloading manual pdf download the 4th edition was updated inbut no clue on the 5th. Finding a load on internet and not knowing fundamentals of reloading is a recipe for safety concerns. I believe that is what this thread is for – to help those who need it.

I don’t know everything about the sport of handloading. Then someone like myself will chime lyman reloading manual pdf download and share information on this gun, the measurments that I have taken, original bullet design and weight, a special mold that I had cut, ect. I gave him all I had – which saddly wasn’t much – but it was all the reputable info I could find. It was a lot stouter than what I use for accuracy shooting, but published data says I can go to gr.

So the problem isn’t frugality, but laziness. Hudson was simply asking if anyone had, or knew where to find, any info on reloading 8mm Nambu cartidges.

Anyone have the Lyman 49th Edition in PDF / eBook? – 01

Cause, ya knowit’s got a whole chapter on the 7,5mm nagant? The time now is Add Thread to del. I have a lot of favorite loads for.

The 85 gr cast flat point is preferred by about all of them shooting the old lever action. Cast bullets for beginner and expert.

Lyman cast bullet handbook

With a few questions, I teloading able to find some very usable loads in short order, that were downlkad great improvement over some of the old stuff I had originally lyman reloading manual pdf download. We got too many people fishing for reloading data and its just not safe to help them out when they refuse to even educate themselves. THEN ask questions Again some of us are simply trying to distil information from the internet becausewell thats what you do when you want to be safe.

I would love to have someone down the street guide me through all these steps but that’s not possible. But I thought this was a forum that was here to help people that were new dkwnload handloading??? The first instance that hits the mind is right here, a couple years back I’m contemplating adding this lyman reloading manual pdf download my library, but am suspicious that it may be due for an “update” i. Is “helping” giving him the load data he won’t bother to look up for himself geloading aiding and abetting ignoring safety rules to save a few bucks.

And basic data works for many different guns. Ammo was considered obsolete even reloadung then, and I was lucky to be able to buy all the boxes my LGS had on the shelf collecting dust. Lyman reloading manual pdf download of my beginning steps IS to educate myself, I do this from many sources. I lyman reloading manual pdf download questioned milsurp powder to be used in one caliber that is was not actually designed for.

Fine, do what you want,,, just as long as I can stay a couple states out of dosnload shrapnel zone Lyman cast bullet handbook List of ebooks and manuels about Lyman cast bullet handbook www. I asked nicely on the internet and was directed to a site where I downloaded the whole Ideal Handbook 38 pdf.