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What you doing here, numbers by rachel ward pdf download Felt like the first time in years. Sad kids, bad kids, bored kids, and lonely kids, kids that are different. She was only gone about thirty seconds, and then she rushed out past me and was sick in the hallway. Thursday was normally a good day. He was up and down, climbing on the sleepers, leaping off, balancing on the edge of the canal on the balls of his feet, jumping back again.

You get used to someone — start to like them, even — and they leave.

Rachel Ward Books

She came up to look. There are thousands of us.

Always telling me what to do. Then I made Mum a black coffee and carried it carefully into her room. There were alarm bells going off inside my head.

I carried on, head down, hood up, a blinkered patch of gravel and trash moving under my sneakers. There was no one there. I thought everyone did.

Rachel Ward

She looked me straight in the eye, the fury clear on her face. He loped along beside me.

numbers by rachel ward pdf download I leaned forward and inhaled until it caught, drawing in some of his stink at the same time. I feel them, somewhere behind my eyes. I sat down on a heap of old railway sleepers. The rest of me screamed to get the hell out of there, to not get sucked in. My view of him was blocked by the edge of my hood, but as he loomed up to me and I moved my head instinctively away from him, our eyes met for downooad moment and it was there.

I looked at him jiggling restlessly from foot to foot, now scooping up some stones and chucking them into the water. He grinned back at me. I moved back quickly, numbers by rachel ward pdf download breathed out again. And her number was gone, too. That was the other reason why he made me feel uncomfortable.

See you tomorrow, man.

Haven of E-books (iRead-iShare-iLive): Rachel Ward – Num8ers Trilogy

She crouched down and held both sides numbers by rachel ward pdf download the frame with her hands, making a cage with her body, clutching so tightly Nymbers could see the cords in her arms standing out, the bruises and pinpricks more vivid than ever.

His voice faded away as I put some distance between us. We were making our way rapidly along the High Street, on the way to the Department of Social Security to pick up her weekly money.

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Most hang about in small groups, twos or threes, whiling away the hours. Four odwnload later, I watched a man in a scruffy suit write it doownload on a piece of paper: He drew on his cig like it was the best thing on earth, then blew the smoke out theatrically and smiled. The nicotine made me feel less edgy, but nothing calmed Spider down. Been a bad girl, have ya?

Then all these people came: No milk, because it stank when I got it out of the fridge. Not a waxwork like at Madame Tussauds. Hell — she would still have been a junkie. While his back was turned, I got up quietly from my perch on the sleepers and started running.

He filled the space with his gangly arms and legs, constantly moving — twitching, almost — and that smell. Soon, very soon, she would numbers by rachel ward pdf download able to buy that stuff from the boarded-up house down our street, and she would be happy for a few hours. He laughed when he saw me, came right up to me and wagged a finger in my face. She was still in bed, kind of leaning over. Numbets light went on the day my mum numbers by rachel ward pdf download. Would it have made a difference?

Give me a rcahel.